Your First Event
The re-enactment season usually starts at Easter and continues on until September. On average there is a least one event a month, but in high summer schedules sometimes get a bit hectic and there can be several events a month. Members are not expected to attend every event, if you wish too great, but people can pick and choose which they want to attend, even if it is only one in a year. 

Getting to the Event
So long as you wish to attend the event we will normally do our best to arrange some way of getting you there. For example, if you take the train then we’ll try to arrange to have you picked up from the nearest station. Most members come in their own cars. Warning orders are sent out before the event and have directions to the site and often contain parking and camping instructions.

Notice for Insurance
As we require a two week notice period to add you to our public liability insurance, we need to know at least two full weeks in advance of when you would like to attend your first event with us.

New members join Buckingham’s Retinue as probationary members. If you fulfil our requirements as laid out in the constitution and rule book at your fourth event you will become a full member. Each year's membership is £10, with a surcharge of £8 for affiliation to the "Wars of the Roses Federation", that allows attendance at their events and covers the additional insurance costs. There is no charge for children under 16 but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
As the majority of our events are for Saturday and Sunday, we tend to stay over at the site on Friday and Saturday nights, camping in medieval tents. Most members, when they have been in the group a few months, opt to get their own medieval tents. As new members, tent space will be made available for you. However, you will need to come prepared with a sleeping bag and any other necessities you may need. Space may be limited  - so no kitchen sinks!
Kit Arrangements
We have a policy for hiring kit out to new members. We aim to provide you with: basic clothing, footwear, hats, cup, spoon, bowl, pouch and belt. There is a charge to cover wear and tear and a refundable damage deposit payable for each event.

The group provides breakfast, lunch and evening meals at most events (check the relevant warning orders to make sure). There is a charge of £10 per adult per weekend, there is no charge for children under the age of 16. If you have any special dietary requirements you will need to make sure you tell the cooks that you will be attending, or you may not be catered for.

These can add up if you are not careful. Before deciding whether re-enactment is for you, try it out before purchasing anything. Probationary membership costs £10 (plus any addition membership for umbrella organisations, which we will advise you if applicable ).Event food cost £10, Kit hire costs £5 (£20 damage deposit).
Day Time Activities 
This varies from event to event as we put on and participate in a wide ranging style of events. But we will endeavour to include you in all activities where safe.
Evening Activities
The evenings can be very different depending on the event and its' location. Sometimes we go to the local towns to visit the pubs, some events have a beer tent available on site, at other events we may stay around the campfire, talking and singing, sometimes dancing and playing games, it all just depends. Much fun is had by all!
Legal Requirements
As a member of Buckingham's Retinue, you are required to abide by our various rules and regulations, as stated in our Constitution, Rule Book and Health and Safety Guidelines. Please read these before you attend an event.
Packing Up
At the end of the event; members are responsible for taking care of group possessions, packing them up and returning them to the storage area, via the group hired van. Everyone is expected to help to pack down the kit and load the van.